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What is Sunday Club & Pathfinders?

On some Sundays the children and young people go out to their own groups with a dedicated team of leaders.

Explorers:                           Reception to year 7
Pathfinders:                       Year 8 to year 13


Sunday Club Mission Statement:

We work with children and young people in a way that is relevant to them so that they have an opportunity to experience God’s love for themselves.

We do this by:

  • Enabling children and young people to become active and visible in the wider church life
  • Providing a safe, friendly environment
  • Giving children and young people the vocabulary and opportunity to explore and express their spirituality
  • Encouraging them to think for themselves
  • Helping them to know what it means to follow Jesus
  • Developing their spiritual confidence
  • Encouraging an attitude of life-long learning
  • Providing imaginative, creative, reflective and challenging activities
  • Sharing the love of God
  • Listening
  • Responding appropriately
  • Not assuming knowledge of faith or agreement with it.