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We enjoy a cosmopolitan mix of people of different ages and backgrounds, united in sharing the ‘family’ atmosphere at St. Paul’s. Come and experience ‘church’ with a difference!

Saint Paul’s is the Parish Church on the ‘Burges Estate’.
The whole of the UK is divided into parishes and our parish is roughly the area known by estate agents as ‘The Burges Estate’ – bounded by the District Line railway, the River Roding (just beyond the A406), the Barking Road (A124) and the High Street North (A117).

This is a mainly residential, very cosmopolitan area and our congregation reflects that variety; we welcome the richness this brings. Our mission is to all in the parish, whatever their origin or faith (or lack of faith!). We warmly welcome anyone seeking to know more about Christianity. Maybe you have never been to a Christian church before, or perhaps you went to church as a child, but not since – you are just as welcome.

Looking for somewhere to worship?
We aim to make everyone feel welcome at St. Paul’s, especially those for whom this is a first visit. If ’going to church’ is new for you, please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure about anything. The people on the entrance door will help you and can put you in touch with one of our regular members to guide you through the services or answer your questions. After most services we have a time for refreshments where you can chat and ask about anything you want to know.